Wednesday, May 28, 2008

5/28/08 Going Postal

I can see the headline now: "Crazed woman strangles city planning commissioner -- cites permit delays."

The city isn't going to give us our permits Friday!!!!!

And you know why? NO! You know why you don't know?? 'Cause they won't tell us until Friday why they can't give us the permits on Friday! They can only tell us today that there are "comments" -- translation: no permits.

Dave got lucky that he caught the planning person managing our project, in fact, or we'd have known none of this. Five departments have to review our plans. Two have signed off, one has redlined with comments -- automatically costing us at least another two weeks -- and two more departments haven't even looked at them yet!!

And the comments from all departments are "due" Friday, but they don't say when on Friday. Our architect tried to pin the guy down too, but he just says "Friday." More pushing, the most he'd commit to was "afternoon."

These people are messing with my life!! This is my house, not a junior high school book report -- what's this cr*p about not even looking at the plans until almost the last day?! And more cr*p about any random time during the due date that they'll be ready?

They've had the plans since April 8, at which point it took them 3 weeks to decide that our neighbors deserved yet another 3 weeks to look at them, after which it's another 3 weeks before they come back and tell us that they have comments, starting off yet another 3 week wait.

It's infuriating. They're taking months to take over $8000 in permit fees from us. $8000!! I tend to expect a little service!

Thank goodness for kids. Nothing is a stronger reminder of "life goes on." A fun afternoon of markers brings me down to earth, though I wasn't the one having the fun.

Katrina was arranging and counting the markers are much as she was drawing with them. You regular readers can already anticipate the scene when I had to pry her away. She seriously disapproved of this change of state, though she recovered once the car got moving, thank goodness.

The key to broccoli: a fork! Katrina thinks it's great fun to try to stab broccoli florets, though sometimes she picks them up and sticks them on the fork. Fine with me -- a whole bowl of broccoli consumed this way. Yay green vegetables and vitamin C!

I feel such intense pressure to get things ready to move, things ready to remodel (productive meeting with the window salesman today, and another tomorrow with him again, this time with architect), to produce at work, and to take care of my Dad's affairs....and yet kids again remind me that life goes on. Despite mounting deadlines, tomorrow I'm missing work to take Gabriel to the pediatrician. His left ear has been bothering him on and off for days, and tonight he had a low-grade fever again. Probably fighting an ear infection again, as he has no other symptoms -- only "WHA-AAT?"

A day alone with my son...not so bad. Life goes on.


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