Thursday, May 29, 2008

5/29/08 BP up!

Today I drove by a sad sight: a cast-aside, neglected, forgotten sign, tossed on its side in a corner with dumpsters and stacked tires....past its useful life, obsolete. It was a gas station's price sign, with hooks to hang the cents of the gas prices, but the huge "3" for dollars was permanently printed on the sign....

I took Gabriel to the pediatrician this morning....slight ear infection in his left ear, not nearly enough to explain his sudden episodes of intense pain and crying. Gabriel really doesn't cry often anymore, so to see him wailing in pain is heartbreaking. (Julian wailing, on the other hand, does little more than make me roll my eyes!) I wasn't going to give him the antibiotic unless his ear pain got worse, and it did this afternoon. He had a very slight temperature again tonight (99.5) but I'm hoping the meds will make him comfortable enough to go to school tomorrow. He has to turn in his LAST homework of the year!

It's just as well I missed work today, because I got a lot done. How would I ever get all this taken care of if I were working? Two phone calls with USAA, two to the movers, two calls to an "abatement company" about asbestos removal (very irritating, a trace amount in sheetrock in one bathroom), a call and an email to the city building department, two calls to family daycares -- and that's between the pediatrician and a window-salesman meeting at 2pm. Whew!

The window meeting was with the architect and the window guy, and I'm SO glad we did this. Lots of tech talk about windows that I can't begin to follow. Lots and lots of big problems ("no, we only need ONE of those $800 windows"), medium problems ("whoops, that garden window has to be tempered glass"), and minor problems ("white hardware in the bathroom windows only") prevented.

The hardest problem, the living room window, turned into a pussycat. A beautiful one our architect designed:

Gabriel spent this meeting-time at Melissa's, which for once was in a convenient location -- about 5 minutes from the window place.

I caught this photo of Katrina with her hand on Gabriel's shoulder. She'd been standing looking over his shoulder at a video game he was playing, and they looked so familiar and comfortable together. Her continued touch as she moved away appeared inocuous, but was actually very intimate. Of course, she might just have been balancing on him -- she is pretty clumsy.

When I arrived, she was wearing someone else's shoes and talking on a toy phone. So much for the tomboy angle.

Katrina didn't take a nap today (very unusual for her), and Gabriel was out of sorts...this was the scene in the car as we pulled into the parking lot at Julian's daycare after a 20-minute drive.

When I got home, in my email was waiting another bombshell. Our architect did get a hold of the building manager at the city to ask again about "comments" on our plans. And they're major. Not only major, but some of them were things they could easily have told us weeks ago, if they'd bothered to actually look at our plans. Both the architect and our contractor agree that what they're requesting is far beyond the scope of usual comments. And 3 out of 5 departments still haven't even looked at our plans yet -- including Structural Engineering, and that's not a quick look-see sort of review. I'm fit to be tied!

The really irritating thing is that the comments are DUE tomorrow, but the guy told our architect that she could pick them up Monday morning. Think the city would accept our, say, taxes "due" on a Friday on a Monday? Suuure. So, we're going to the city first thing in the morning to tell them we are picking up the comments tomorrow at close-of-business, as due. Let them cram for the test.

This time, I'm NOT putzing the letter of complaint to the city, despite how topsy-turvy our lives will be -- but AFTER we get the permits!

Moving day set for June 5, packing boxes delivered tonight -- we're ON!


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