Tuesday, July 22, 2008

7/22/08 Boys' turn

The day started with, "Mommy, my tummy hurts...~~bbbuuuaaah~~" First Gabriel, then Julian. Great. At least they had the heaves on the same day.

Katrina was better, if still very edgy and demanding. She allowed her brothers to join in some Lego building this morning.

She allowed Dad to snooze off on the couch too (while Dad was allowing Mom to take a therapeutic nap) -- but not before piling toys all around him!

Katrina's eating still isn't 100%, but she permitted -- insisted, really -- a banana to be fed to her. I'm in no mood to take a stance that she eat it herself, which she's perfectly capable of, as her will for a fierce tantrum is far far stronger than that for holding a banana right now. Besides, I had some help.

This is what happens when you order stuff online for kids, and let kids choose: Julian's monogrammed lunch sack will be Pink Rose -- there was no swaying him.

And Gabriel loves to shop the girl's clothes! He picked a very cute green shirt with a funky tree on it for Katrina, and chose a striped shirt for her too.

...but, great. The boys were up arguing after they were in bed, with Julian denying he'd ordered a pink lunchsack and Gabriel indignantly insisting he had. They came in to see me to resolve this, and after kicking out the know-it-all older brother, I had to tell Julian he really had ordered a pink lunchsack. I guess I'm calling Land's End tomorrow in the hopes we can get it changed to Lake Blue, though a pink one is probably being monogrammed in China now as I type.

Some parenting philosophies discourage gun play. That sounds nice on the surface, but what do you do when your 4-year-old takes a squeaky mouse that your 1-year-old got for her birthday, the most benign innocent toy there is, and he turns it into a "gun?" You sigh, shrug, accept it as a reality of childhood, and hope they don't "shoot" anyone who thinks you should stop gun play.


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Queen Bee said...

Shoes. Bananas. Fingers. Blocks. Forks. Even toothbrushes. All of these things have been guns at our house at one time or another. It's just part of being a boy! I don't like it, but just like you - I've stopped fighting it. :)