Thursday, July 24, 2008

7/24/08 Girl love

Gabriel said sometime today, out of the blue, "Mommy, I'm SO glad you had a girl!" Then he hugged me. My boy!

Sigh, I wasn't going to do this, it's late, but's the rest of the day, with way too many photos.

We went to the library this --

...ah hell, Katrina just woke up throwing up again!!! excuse me gotta change my shirt...glad I was up and heard her right away...

-- morning, for a Family Fun Day thing with lots of nice toddler-sorts of activities that the boys had no interest in, plus Katrina was being really grouchy. The day was saved when the White kids arrived though. Gina got Gabriel climbing statues (she's a much better climber!), and Julian and Katrina joined in the drawing...

...and marking.

One of my missions was to get a library card and get a few books, but it took so long to get the cards that we had to bail on the books....until Gabriel asked me softly as we were about to get into the car, "Mommy, why didn't we get any books?"

Why can't he be obnoxious or whiny so I don't feel so bad? Peaches and cream in the extreme, that one. I felt SO bad, I turned them all around and went back in to get books, grumpy, hungry, nap-needing, and apparently, still not feeling so well, toddler notwithstanding.

We picked a few books quickly, and it was a smashing success. Both boys couldn't wait to get into the car to read their books, and Katrina loved the one Julian found for her.

Gabriel spent nearly an hour immobile, reading his book about various sorts of signals (railroad, flares, lighthouses, etc).

Julian too spent much of the afternoon reading -- actually reading -- his Berenstein Bears book.

After lunch, nap, cleanup, and dinner, we went to another park (two in a day!) to meet up with longtime pal Lance (from Tonya's) and his mom, for an evening park playdate.

I hoped for a nice trio-photo, but Katrina wasn't cooperating. She was fine playing though, and indeed was much much better than she had been this morning(~guilt~ and now I know why).

The boys had a great time on the seesaw and tire swing together, thanks to Lance's patient mom who swung them.

We left at 8pm, way, WAY late for us, but that's how a good a time they were having!

Does 2 parks and a loving first-grader make up for my irritation at my fussy grumpy toddler, enough for me to get a Good Mom badge for the day? I got my answer when I was changing Katrina's pajamas just now. She was very very calm as I gently pulled her new PJs on, so I paused to pull back and look at her. Then she raised her eyes to mine and smiled.


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