Wednesday, July 30, 2008

7/30/08 The Procrastination

Finally, this afternoon I tackled my still-half-packed office. It really gets old tripping over boxes. The unpacking is so stale now I don't even remember what's missing, and it's getting to the point that I don't even recognize some things in the boxes.

Still, setting up an S-corporation to become my own contracting business is such a daunting pain, and so not forefront of my mind right now, that I found a very productive way to avoid the ugly job. Going through boxes of office junk is also an ugly job, but this afternoon, it was the lesser of two ugly evils. We can almost walk in here now!

Besides, I could chat with Julian while he played on the Lego Web site on our "extra" Mac computer. I like my afternoons alone with him, he's so different when there's no older brother around to impress. Sometimes I just look at him when he doesn't notice, drinking in his deep round eyes, a fascinating odd dark grayish color, marvelling at his exquisite mouth framed by his square pudgy little-boy cheeks. I'm completely aware that the beauty I see in him is that special sort that mothers experience when looking at their children, and that only deepens my joy and awe. He is such a beautiful child and I revel in that.

Moments like these only come when I'm one-on-one with any of them, and then I'm almost taken aback by the force of my love for them. It's much easier to feel that when I'm not constantly instructing, "Turn that down! Get that out of the kitchen! Put your lunch away please! LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!" as is instantly the case when the siblings are reunited.

I snapped a candid -- almost -- shot of Gabriel at daycamp just as he noticed me. How sweet, sitting next to his longtime pal Gina.

Birthdays today: my brother -- and brother-in-law! Welcome to the Dark Side!


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