Friday, August 01, 2008

8/1/08 The start of a new season

It's August now! Time to start thinking about Halloween!! urrrgggh....

As I'm struggling with the ickiest details of updating finances (Quicken bugs and reverse stock splits and unidentified securities I never signed up for), Julian's playing on the Lego Web site next to me.

(a foul odor wafts from down low....)

Julian: "I farted!"

Me: "Yes, I know..."

Julian: "I like farting!"

Well, who am I to argue with bodily pleasures of life? He probably likes the taste of boogers too.

Daycamps are done. Only disaster was that I didn't know about Gabriel's one swim day during ice skating camp, so he had to sit out the pool that day. He didn't even tell me, I had to ask him, and he didn't seem to mind playing games instead of swimming. My guilt is deep, falling short only of being late the last day of school. Still, I'm thrilled that Gabriel liked ice-skating camp so much -- I think his enthusiasm for it exceeded Lego Engineering, and that's saying a lot!

Goodbyes for Julian at daycamp are a grand affair. Seems everyone wants to give him a big hug, and he wants to do the same. He's so affable and enthusiastic, high-fiving all his new counselor friends, energetically hugging and playing with them. He absolutely loved daycamp, and all indications are that they really loved him too.

A candid shot from yesterday, Julian holding hands and playing with a camp counselor, until he spotted me.

Today Julian had a swim day (this one I knew about), so I sent him to camp with his new monogrammed knapsack from Land's End. It's a little big for him.


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