Sunday, September 21, 2008

9/21/08 Baby gets a new pair of shoes

(I just discovered that some-or-other keystroke erases all the text in Blogger, with no undo option. So I'll be "brief" in retyping what I just spent 10 minutes writing, argh!)

The boys went to a birthday party today for Gabriel's peer, and Julian was kindly invited as well. It was a Lego-theme party, in which each kid was given a box of Lego pieces to make a car, then "race" them down this ramp that the Dad built. The boys loved this, of course.

The Dad also baked and decorated a Lego-block cake. What a great idea, and what an amazing Dad!

Meantime, my main goal for the weekend HAD to be met: Katrina needs new shoes. All she has are her summer sandals (a few other hand-me-downs but not in her size and not everyday daily shoes anyway), and with fall approaching, she needs real shoes. So I left the boys at the party and whisked her off to our favorite shoe store. Predictably, she threw a fit about having her feet measured, but she consoled herself with a giant rubber ducky while I paid for the shoes.

Then I brought her home and went back to the party to chat with friends and pick up the boys. We all had a really fun time.

Katrina's full of new sentences today: "I play with the house!" "I want to sit there!" "I read the book!" It's still one-way communication, but she's having a great time with it. It's hard to imagine that Gabriel still hadn't said any real words at this age.


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