Monday, September 22, 2008

9/22/08 The House

Katrina loves her new playset so much that she talks about it when we're not home. This is the first time that language has given me insight into what she thinks about that's not in immediate view. Mostly when we're driving, she points out red cars, but today she said numerous times (translated) "I want to play with the HOUSE!"

This house playset came with some standard family characters, and tonight she brought me one of a woman holding a baby bottle and announced joyfully, "I fow da MAMA!!" (I found the mama). I just love how delighted she is about her pronouncements.

But the Cute award goes to Julian today. He learned some dances at school, and while he's said many times he doesn't like to do dancing at school, he volunteered that he'd learned a Mexican dance and a Chinese dance. I couldn't get a good concise demonstration on video, but here's one anyway.

The Music Together class I'd thought about taking with Katrina this session was full. I thought about signing Julian up for a kids' choir, but haven't pursued it (like to find out if he's old enough). Gabriel suddenly loves playing soccer at the CDC, but I can't imagine how to fit in classes or a league. Well, I guess if they're going to get shortchanged, it might as well all be at the same time. They'll recover. I'm not sure I will.

Katrina's having more fun playing with her house than I am with mine!


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