Monday, December 22, 2008

12/22/08 Rejuvenation

I love Rejuvenation. It's store, catalog and Web site that features new "old" house parts. They started out as a salvage place, and still have a huge warehouse store in Portland that Dave and I visited in 2002. Their print catalogs are full of amusing little anecdotes and bios on longtime loyal employees, and their Web site is excellent.

I had to laugh today when I went to Rejuvenation's page for doorbell buttons, where it has a little diddy called Saved By The Bell. They're very understanding: "By the time customers are choosing Door and Cabinet Hardware, they're are a bit tired....With their projects nearing an end, these folks are burning through their hell bent phase."

We're not really nearing an end, but I did buy a doorbell button today. Getting one thing crossed off my to-do list is definitely rejuvenating!


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