Tuesday, December 23, 2008

12/23/08 Christmas Eve Eve

Incredibly, I went to work today. I was absorbed in an interesting problem -- a refreshing change for once! -- when the Director walked around and kicked everyone out, around 1pm. "Go home! Be with your families!" He was right, of course. Dave was home with Katrina, who had a temperature last night and isn't eating well, but was overall in a decent mood today.

I got Katrina up from her nap today, and found her playing quietly in the crib with her baby doll. "I put diper on da baby, Mommy!" Katrina lifted the baby by the ankles as I do with her to change her. Then, "It *smells*, Mommy!" Hmmmm...maybe if the "baby" potty-trains, she'll consider the idea for herself.

I'm looking forward to a down day with the whole family home tomorrow. I think. That's a nice-sounding fantasy, but the boys have been increasingly out of control lately and Gabriel has started really acting out. My affection for a cute 2-year-old toddler suddenly skyrockets!


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