Thursday, December 04, 2008

12/4/08 The Singalong

Gabriel started out in a snit today and pretty much maintained it until bedtime, as only Gabriel can. He had good moments, but he was on a short trigger all day. As such, tonight he refused to practice piano, and I suggested to frustrated Dave that he (Dave) sit and play himself, and see if that would attract the boy.

It did, but not the intended boy. As it turns out, Dave got to spend a little piano time with Julian. Julian's musical approach is much different than his brother's; more intuitive and less technical. Gabriel won't even consider singing while he plays, that's just not his modus operandi, but Julian likes to sing along. Dave picked a simple tune that he (Dave) could play, while Julian read the words (and music, to some extent, to follow the rhythm) and sang along. This was so cute that it attracted me and my non-video-camera.

During dinner, it was unusually peaceful in the family room with Julian and Katrina alone together, so I had to investigate. There I caught another very cute scene, of Julian reading Peter Rabbit to Katrina, with her joyfully shouting out names of the rabbits: "CAH-TAH-TAIL!" I didn't catch any good stuff, but here's a glimpse of how they interact. Julian pushed away with the book, which usually causes her to scream, though she didn't this time.

Katrina did great at TLC today, she was in a really good mood when I picked her up. The teachers all tell me she's adapted fabulously well, especially for one so young. Part of me is proud at how strong she is, but part of me is deeply guilty and regretful that she's so used to daycare.


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