Sunday, November 30, 2008

11/30/08 Tree day

We're hosting a holiday party next week for the 2006 Las Madres Cupertino playgroup, so we got our Christmas tree today.

In keeping with the notion of simplifying life, this was a $25 Home Depot special. It's definitely more fun and homey to drive to the mountains and choose and cut our own. Not to mention making for better photo-ops. Some things I just don't like simplifying, but it makes sense for us this year.

Afterward, I went to the house to do some more test-painting. I brought a helper.

Gabriel very happily chatted with me while I test-painted, and I gave him a dry brush to smooth out the edges of the swatches I painted on the walls. It turned a chore (though overall a sort of fun one) into a very nice time talking and hanging out with my firstborn son. What a cool kid.

He asked me something about how much the house cost, and I put him off by saying it's complicated, but I did say it's the most expensive thing that most people ever buy. So, basically, "a lot." He said, "I wish that I could help." I didn't understand what he meant at first, but he said that maybe if I needed more money to buy more paint, he could give me his allowance! I hugged him and thanked him and told him not to worry, we could buy paint.

(I recently watched a "Momversation" about talking to kids about the economy and parent's jobs and financial situations. I see no need whatsoever to do that. Kids don't get everything they want when things are good, it's no different now. I see no reason to worry them about something they have no control over even if they could understand it. If something drastic happened -- a loss of job, a forced move -- I still think it's pretty easy to tell them a rosy watered-down version of the truth. If things get bad enough that I have to put Gabriel to work at a gas station for 12 hours a day, then we'll talk.)

Meantime, progress has been made on the kitchen cabinet installation!

The kitchen won't really be that darkish green color, that's just tinted primer. It's quite a bit darker than the kitchen will actually be, though I'm starting to like it! It'll be either "Sand Castle" (that Gabriel is "painting"), or "Beach Bum" (right next to what Gabriel is "painting").

Gabriel took this one.

The next 3 months will be the longest ones of this remodeling journey.


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