Thursday, January 29, 2009

1/29/09 Katrina at play

I shudder to jinx it, but yesterday's dinnertime tantrum was very short, and tonight's was non-existent! What a difference this makes to the entire family!

After dinner, Katrina totters off into the family room, and happily plays on her own while the rest of us are in the kitchen. I'm torn about that -- I wish I could see more of her, but it's just as well she's in a different room since the boys are impossible when she's around at dinner. They get up constantly to play with her, try to engage her in noisy obnoxious games, and just generally get distracted and rowdy. It's a fascinating dynamic, but really, we're trying to eat here.

Sometimes I leave dinner to go play with her, but "dinner" for me is prime-time; it's rare that I sit down. Most of "dinner" for me is spent zooming around the kitchen, trying to make headway on the mounds of chores to be done before I can get back to work sending remodeling-related emails ("who's buying the garbage disposal?") or researching, designing or shopping.

So I settle for listening to her from a distance. Sometimes she's silent for long stretches of time, other times she chatters happily or sings.

With the 3rd child, paranoia about eensy-teensy Lego pieces just isn't practical. She loves them.

Tonight she had to clear off this entire shelf of heavy toys, just to line up a set of cars. It's almost like she was playing House with them.

Remodeling pressure is reaching a fever pitch. Meltdown? How about a full-on breakdown? What's going to snap first, my back or my mind? It's a close call.

And this is with a project that's going extremely well, with a contractor we have complete faith in and are thrilled about. How often do you hear that!

Someday, soon, I'll be taking mornings off work to play with my feisty opinionated daughter, instead of finding light fixtures that will project over surface-mounted medicine cabinets. She's changing so fast....flickers of "little girl" are starting to surface through "toddler." "Old lady" is quickly taking me over.


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