Friday, January 30, 2009

1/30/09 7!

It's Gabriel's birthday today! 7. Seven!

We did a little family celebration this evening, but his real party is next week, a small affair with the few friends I could wrest out of him to invite. (Which didn't include some kids I know he plays with, he was very strange about inviting people.)

I didn't do an in-class celebration for him, and felt bad about it, but just how many times do I have to do the birthday thing? Two is enough, I think. Still, I felt bad when he told me that the other kid in his class whose birthday was today had an in-class party.

I didn't even make his cake for tonight. Store-bought. Not that he minded.

Once again, the Happy Birthday singing with candles lit and lights out was marred by a furious fit by Katrina. "I WANT CAKE!!!" she demanded as she reached and grabbed for it, and put up a huge protest and cried and screamed. Geez, not even Gabriel did anything like that when he was her age!

Well, that fit was minor compared to the one she threw when she wanted a third helping of cake and ice cream and Mean Old Mom said no, it's time for baby to go to bed. She screamed and cried so hard that her face was swollen and red and she was shaking after the bath. I feel strongly about cake too, but really!

We opened gifts and talked about the boys' ages both being prime numbers (I've always found prime numbers a little spooky) and had a very nice birthday evening.


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