Sunday, January 04, 2009

1/4/09 Downtown Ice

The one thing I've wanted to do this entire holiday was to take the boys to Downtown Ice, a seasonal outdoor ice rink in San Jose. Finally today, somehow, I made it happen.

Gabriel's first experience on ice skates was at Downtown Ice, when he was just shy of 4, with me and Aunt Laura to help him. We had no idea how to teach a child, and it had been decades since I'd been on skates. Laura could skate, but it wasn't long before our backs ached.


(I look so innocent...little did I know I would be pregnant in a few weeks, if I wasn't already.)

A lot has changed since then! Both boys have had ice-skating classes, and I had another baby. This excursion motivated skating lessons for myself too, despite said baby. (One thing that hasn't changed: I wore the same vest today as in 2005!)

With the boys being older, I can put their skates on and send them off to the rink while I do my own skates. They're not old enough to tie their own skates, however, and one thing I don't like about skating is the 20 minutes of creative pulling and tying of ice-skates, including my own. Velcro, anyone?

(My cute. I'm so proud of them.)

I've never been so warm skating before! Outdoors in downtown San Jose is a whole lot warmer than indoors at most skating rinks. It was a glorious day. Some people were skating in tank tops.

Unfortunately, Julian pooped out within 10 minutes, claiming his legs hurt. He can skate fine, but it seems he just doesn't like to. A shame, because it's so fun for me doing stuff like this with both of them, if they both like it. Dave says Julian isn't much fun at the BMX park anymore either.

Gabriel, on the other hand, is full of enthusiasm, determination, and willingness to try. We worked a little on forward crossovers again, which is about the limit of my skating skill. He's shaky, but he likes to try, and it's a good start!

Then, inspired by cousins, we had hot chocolate when we got home. OK, so it's 65 degrees out. You still have to have hot chocolate after ice skating!

It's really fun doing this once a year as a lark, even though the actual skating isn't that good. The sun creates wet spots, it's small and crowded with mostly first-time skaters. Still, I'll certainly take Gabriel again next year....maybe even Katrina too. That's a really exciting thought!

I wonder how hard it will be to come across an activity that all three will like? Better yet, all five?


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