Tuesday, January 06, 2009

1/6/09 The Statements

This morning after I dropped Gabriel off, Katrina looked sadly after him and said, "I lost Gabriel!"

Tonight she was sitting in her high chair, engaging in the usual inexplicable dinnertime fussing. Then she suddenly shifted into an angry-sad cry. Something offensive about the rice, I guess. I asked her, "What's the matter?" She stopped, scowled at me, and then said with irritation, "I'm CRYING!"

Every potty-training tool at my disposal is met with instant, total, complete, vociferous rejection. No little potties, no ducky ring on the big toilet, no training pants, absolutely not Mom. Total, unabashed, unwavering outrage. So I'm getting creative, like playing with a doll sitting on the toilet, or putting a footstool in front of the toilet with the ducky ring and just leaving it there without saying anything.

One tool not to use is older siblings. Whose bright idea was it to use two little boys to demonstrate peeing? That's a mistake I won't make again. They think this is hilarious, and put on a show, like peeing in a big circle around the edge of the toilet, or they turn their heads suddenly to say, "LOOK KATRINA!" Every motorcyclist knows: you go where you look. Ugh.

Meantime, she was unimpressed by her brothers' urinary antics. And I know she gets the point, that's clear from her adament refusal. Maybe if I tell her she can't....yeah right, she'll fall for that (hey, check out the wings on that pink barn animal flying by!).

This child...she's going to be the end of me. At least the hilarity of her comments match the force of her resistance.


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