Monday, March 16, 2009

3/16/09 Three on the island

I did get a few photos the day of our open house, before the event started. For once, I had the foresight to bring lunch for the bunch before the party. For actually sitting down and eating, we had to make do on the island. We'd intended the island to be able to seat three, somehow thinking at the time that three siblings next to each other would be a good thing.

And provided they're ordered carefully, it can be. Julian really couldn't bug Katrina much here, though he could kick the island under him a lot. I wasn't sure how Katrina would do on a barstool, but she was fine (though she's a long way from being able to climb up or down herself).

Our children's first meal in the house they will always remember as their childhood home. Such a moment.

I love these barstools. Black barstools definitely don't "go" in this kitchen, but painting the legs will take care of that.

I might just have to get "Pears" too.

The big push to pack is on!


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