Friday, March 06, 2009

3/6/09 Ponytays

There's a short window in a girl's life when high ponytails are super-cute. Maybe it's partly because at Katrina's age, she tends to fling her head a lot and they bounce around.

I do have practical reasons for "ponytays" as Katrina calls them. She hates having her hair trimmed, and usually disapproves of my brushing it as well ("don't brush me! stop brushing me!!"), but it gets full of food if I don't do something. OK, I admit it: part of it is self-indulgence. The one thing I do like about dressing a girl is cute hair.

Even if I'm not all that good at it. The ponytails are absolutely irresistable, and the boys love them too. I do still leave it down on weekends; she looks so scruffy it's very endearing. But there's plenty of time in life for that.


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Charles said...

uhhh, you are incorrect, there is a LONG period when pigtails are cute. like, always. :P

according to wikipedia, one is a ponytail, two is pigtails

a pal of mine just sent photos sporting very cute pigtails, ... at her 72nd birthday party

I'm just sayin.....