Sunday, April 26, 2009

4/26/09 Growing like weeds

Growing, growing, growing...everything grows around here. Today was a day to tackle that.

Katrina's hair is gorgeous, and I love it long and wild...but the ends are starting to look rough and Dave finds it hard to comb out. Also, it gets in her face and mouth without my putting it in ponytails, and that's iffy with her.

So I authorized a haircut, on one condition: that I not be within a 30-mile radius when the operation occurred. Dave agreed and took her to SuperCuts, for a moderately successful trip. Dave reported that the haircutter was taken aback by Katrina's objections and suggested a postponement, but they sounded quite mild compared to what I endured the one time I took her for a hair trim.

She was adament against a photo, but the back of her head couldn't protest. Before.

After. Still quite pretty, I think!

In the front, it's a cute little pageboy cut. And it doesn't need barrettes or ponytails, though I think I could still put them in if I'm in a girly mood.

This afternoon was satisfying, spend doing stuff around the house that you'd just never do if it weren't your house. The flip side is -- we have to do it! Weeds are growing like weeds. Dave did some weed-whacking, while Gabriel helped pull some by hand.

Then weed #2 helped sweep up.

I did things like repair a picture frame, put up a broom rack in the garage, set aside bags of baby toys to give away, stowed away excess lumber. Lots of "nothing" jobs that are so great to have done, and so nice to be home to do. Our 9-1/2 months in a different house are behind us now, but they're still recent enough that the simplest days in our real home are novel and joyful.

And speaking of rampant out-of-control growth, I even got everyone's fingernails and toenails trimmed this weekend. That's by far the most significant accomplishment!


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MommaWriter said...

I wish Mam's similar cut didn't need barettes or ponytails. Somehow, hers ended up looking unkempt if I leave it alone. And she's *firmly* in favor of that!