Sunday, May 17, 2009

5/17/09 Heat wave!

It was unusually hot here today, especially for May. And somehow we'd picked today to go to the park with other Las Madres friends, though fortunately this park is in its own little microclimate with a breeze. First, a fun Zumba class at the Y. Going to the park made up for going to the Y two days in a row, in Gabriel's mind.

Katrina was adorable in a dress today, though this was the only photo she'd allow.

The boys actually unloaded the entire dishwasher this morning! Gabriel was in a quest to recover his Snap Circuit alarm that got put away for excessive rudeness yesterday, and Julian joined in the project. It took some climbing and guessing on their parts, but they did great. Hmm, now that I know they can do that, it's time to up chore duty around here!


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