Tuesday, May 19, 2009

5/19/09 Kindergarten kid

I went to Julian's kindergarten orientation today! I'm reminded again how much I don't like the school administration, and how much I do like the teachers. Well, I guess that's the better way to go.

One major point I wanted to find out is the school policy on kindergarten dropoffs and pickups. The CDC picks up kinders from the classroom, released by the teacher, but grade-schoolers leave the classroom on their own. Is this because of school policy for kindergartners? In the first part of the orientation, the principal lectured about the loading zone, where cars line up to pick up and drop off kids. OK, I guess kindergartners can leave the classroom on their own recognizance, walk to the loading zone, and get picked up -- I thought the teacher had to release them to an adult. But later, the school administrator made a big deal that only people listed on the child's Emergency Card is authorized to pick up the kid. I asked if the teachers have this card, and the main administrator lady glowered at me and repeated The Rule without answering my question, clearly interpreting my question as a practical challenge, which in a way, it was. I quickly explained to one of the teachers that I didn't think they should be stuck with checking I.D., they're busy enough as it is.

Two poor innocent new parents asked about getting together with other parents and incoming kindergartners for playdates over the summer, so that the kids could get to know each other. Seems reasonable, right? Of course, the perpetually flustered principal launched into some confidentiality policy about handing out parents' names. I had no choice but to pipe up and clarify that the class groupings are a closely guarded secret (I didn't use those words) until a few hours before school starts anyway, further un-ingratiating myself with the school. I felt bad for the new kindergarten moms, thinking that kindergarten should be such a fun friendly time and that the school might actually want it that way.

Julian is an A.M. kindergartner this time though. I came up with a most compelling reason to prefer AM over PM: because there's no way I can volunteer in the classroom if he's PM. That's true. There's only a slim chance I'll volunteer in the AM if I'm working, but slim isn't none.

I fell for these cheesy studio-type photos that Julian's preschool arranged for the graduating preschoolers.

I don't know why I buy these. I really don't like them. But I just can't pass up any photographic evidence of childhood. And besides, look at that beautiful, smiling, healthy, shining, happy little face! My precious Julian. (Who's been much better behaved the past few days.) (Gabriel is reading over my shoulder and disagrees.)

Katrina was in underpants tonight after getting home, and very proudly made use of the little potty three times!! Once, I didn't see any of it -- she even lifted the lid, pulled out the little cup, carried it to the big toilet, lifted the lids, dumped out the pee into the big toilet, then put the cup back. She was very very happy with herself, and my overjoyed reaction and heaped-on praise and fanfare was no act!

Hard to believe that in two years, I'll be butting heads once again with the school administrators yet again in kindergarten orientation.


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