Monday, May 04, 2009

5/4/09 I Want Boys

Katrina's new thing in the car, the rare times I drive alone with her, is to ask about her brothers. She's quiet, or softly humming to herself, then out of the blue says, "I want boys." For once, it's not a demand or a complaint, just a statement of fact. When I repeat it back and ask her, "you want your brothers?" she smiles and says, "yes, brothers!" Today she added, "I want Julian...but I want Gabriel too!" Then when we arrive and she knows she'll momentarily see her brothers, she can't stop grinning. on the whole, she seems happier in the car when they're not there to bug her, but she claims to miss them. It's really super, super sweet.

Sure, the boys bug her too much and don't know when to leave her alone and let her play by herself, and they're constantly tugging her hair or taking her hand to kiss it at the dinner table, eliciting screams of objection, but I hope this love affair lasts a while longer.

"I want boys...!"


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