Friday, May 08, 2009

5/8/09 3 down, 2 to go

Gabriel recovered pretty quickly from his tummy-ache and brief throw-up yesterday. But after we thought we were off the hook last night, Julian started. I should have known -- no tummy bug that's ever scourged this house has ever passed up his inviting system. Three bedding changes later, we finally cottoned on and put him on a sleeping bag on the floor, which in the morning was wet from another substance. Today I really wished we had two washing machines. The laundry queue went all the way down the hall. So far Dave and Katrina are holding up though.

I spent the day at home with Julian, still recovering myself, and we both spent a lot of it napping. He had plenty of energy to be a royal pain tonight, like screaming and crying from the bathroom that he needed help because "the toilet seat is too heavy to lift up!" Later when it was time to go upstairs, I asked him to put a project away first, and then found him playing with it instead of putting it away. And he was horribly rude to me when I sternly told him he was supposed to be cleaning up, not play -- he'd cut me off with a screaming, "STOP INTERRUPTING ME I'M PLAYING NOW!" It's enough to make the biggest sworn pacifist want to smack him.

One thing I don't get about this tummy bug....I wonder if it's from a common source? I was so bad off that I had no contact with Gabriel before he came down with it, and almost none with Julian, except when he brought me his blanket and kissed my cheek that morning though (awww).

That reminds me, this morning, Julian wrote me a note, calling to me from another room asking me how to spell, "You are special! To: Mama From: Julian" Awww again. It's funny remembering that right now, because I'm still ready to strangle him from the intense obnoxious attitude tonight. Such ups and downs! It reminds me of a line spoken by Miranda in "Sex And The City," about her 3-month-old son: "It's at this point in a relationship when I'd break up with the guy."

I'm sure I'll jinx it if I dare get hopeful that this bug passed Dave and Katrina over. Maybe tomorrow I'll try eating something.


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