Thursday, June 18, 2009

6/18/09 The Workout

I was all set to swim tonight, especially since I just wasn't feeling well in the stomach and my head is filled with angst and ideas about the summer, work, and life. Stomach upset, confusion, probably related -- that calls for a good long swim to work it all through. I was so bummed when I arrived at the pool and found it closed. It happens, but, bummer! Why tonight?

A poor substitute, but I figured I'd stretch a little and do some situps in our room while Dave put the three through the usual bath/bed paces. To my surprise, Julian asked if he could join me. He was really interested, and put in a really good effort in following what I was doing.

Then Katrina joined us. She was supposed to be in bed, but lately she's entered that Excuses little-kid phase of life. But how can I tell a kid they can't exercise? Dave told her just a few minutes, then she had to go to bed when Mom said. She seemed like she really wanted to do the simple stretches with me and Julian, but I think she just doesn't know how to imitate. Athleticism and body awareness are not among her gifts.

Actually I was anxious for them to go to bed so I could concentrate, but I realized what an opportunity this was. I want them growing up thinking exercise is just part of day-to-day life, and fun, not just a drudgerous activity you "should" do. It's as important to good health -- and in my case, sanity -- as eating well. And it was a really really nice way to spend some calm, focused time together, which I was guiltily aware they don't get enough of from me. They both went to bed without complaint.

Julian's been doing an extra science class at preschool once a week for quite a while, and I told the teacher in email that he's leaving next week. I'm sure she's disappointed, because the classes are a little pricey and are the first thing to get dropped when parents are cutting back. But having talked with her before, I do believe she has a genuine enthusiasm for teaching little kids science concepts, and I don't think it's only a sell job when she tells me how wonderful Julian is in the class. I smiled all day at her final note:

He is definitely ready for K! I enjoy watching his mesmerized look when he is listening and absorbing information, and is then ready to share. I am so glad he is enjoying science!! I am going to miss Julian.
It's so funny, now that we only have a few days left of preschool, it seems like an eternity. Julian mentioned today that he's tired of taking naps, and he's increasingly jealous and interested when Gabriel comes back from the CDC with paper airplanes or stories about things he did today.

Time to go, Miss Excuses has to pee for the 4th time since going to bed an hour ago.


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