Friday, June 19, 2009

6/19/09 Grounded by the pool

I was exhausted today after being awake much of the night, then getting to work unnaturally early (8:15?!). I've decided it's time for some changes regarding work...on the same day that California announced its highest-ever recorded unemployment rate of 11.5%. Yeah, that's the day to decide to stick it to a generous and flexible employer!

As tired and angst-filled as I was today, I found odd solace in the boys's swim lessons. I expected this would be a drag by now, but I've really come to look forward to it. I like chatting with them on the way to the lesson, I like watching them laugh and splash and work in their lessons. I thought I'd hate waiting, but I love it. I bring a book, but I hardly read it. Mostly, I watch my strong healthy burgeoning sons, marvel at their energy and growth and think about how much I love them. This time is really grounding for me, and brought me back home after a tossing-and-turning night and intense work day.

We usually run some or other errand after swim class; today it was returning library books and borrowing new ones. And running around in a small redwood grove outside the library.

And then, after this wonderful boy-time, I am happier than ever to see my now mostly-darling toddler girl. Katrina's usual demeanor these days is cheerful and silly and playful, though her demanding insistent bossy side is still alive and well.

Today she actually permitted a few photos, goofing around walking backward. I'm always happy to encourage such athletic feats from her!

This shot cracks me up, like she's some sort of model twirling for the camera. Models don't wear pigtails, silly!

Very sweet. And I got a few very, very welcome moments of peace when I first walked in the door, thanks to some pooped-out boys and a new set of Rainbow Magic fairy books.


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