Monday, July 27, 2009

7/27/09 Return to Monday

Andrea and her kids left this morning, but not before I got a photo of us with our "babies."

As usual, her visit and our conversations have left my mind zinging with ideas and perspectives. She's one of the most insightful people I know, and I can always turn to her for support and advice in anything in life.

When I told Gabriel and Julian that Andrea and I had been friends for 30 years, Julian asked, "Do you ever stop being friends?" I smiled and told him, "No, some friends you have forever."

Katrina keeps asking about Aaron. They really were adorable together, though to my surprise, Aaron played just as much with Julian. A 3-1/2-year-old boy is a perfect playmate juxtaposition for them both.

A new twist to Monday madness: 6pm swim lessons far away from home. Gak. A lot of logistics for 20 minutes of instruction, but who am I to pass up throwing good money after bad? And time while I'm at it?

Though I was distracted minding an edgy Katrina and at times, a rambunctious Dylan, overall I was happy with what I saw in the lesson. The teacher worked on arms with both boys, which wasn't enough for Gabriel (but that's OK, we can up it the next lesson), and great for Julian, who hasn't been taught to use his arms at all yet.

Meantime, the key to keeping toddlers out of trouble with the pool was bags of apples. This proved to be Katrina's dinner -- exactly why I don't like late-afternoon snacks, so I've got to think more carefully about what to bring next time. Broccoli, anyone?

My summer feels half-over because all our visits are over, though we still have one camping trip coming up in a few weeks. School starts in about 4 weeks, and then it really will be over! But not before I completely burn out on swim lessons.


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