Wednesday, July 29, 2009

7/29/09 Swim arms

Well, what do you know. Arms are pretty useful while swimming.

Gabriel knows this, though so far he undervalues breathing.

Julian's introduction has been nothing short of an epiphany.

One thing I am starting to conclude is that while the boys together in a semi-private lesson may be convenient for me, it's not necessarily the best for the teacher. The boys grab at each other, play together instead of listening to the teacher, and generally distract and complicate things for the teacher. I think Betsy and I will have to conspire to mix up our siblings, yet still get the attention of a semi-private lesson. Actually, for just a 20-minute lesson, private might work well too. Next summer.

Another friend whose kids have late swim lessons raised my hopes that bedtime would be a breeze for us too. Turns out, in Doudna-land, tired means completely wired and very difficult to get to bed. Hmm, what's wrong with this picture: tired agreeable (girls) vs. tired disagreeable (boys)...hmmm...



they call me mama said...

Hey! That sure looks like real swimming to me. Looks like the boys are making actual progress. My girls' skills, well, they still don't exist. Over the weekend Allison almost drowned in a small hot tub (that wasn't on).

MamaB said...

In two lessons, Gina now looks like she is swimming and Andrew is on his way to getting there. The difference with DACA is amazing.