Friday, August 21, 2009

First Day of School

Thursday, August 20 -- a new second-grader and a new kindergartner!

I'm such a dork. I got "Class Of..." T-shirts for all 3. Naturally, Katrina wouldn't cooperate for a good group photo.

Second Grade!


I took the whole day off work to be there to drop them off and pick them up (different times since kindergarten is half-day). After leaving Gabriel in front of his door, Julian and I went to look for his kindergarten classroom.

Julian's new teacher! No really...she is a new teacher to the school. She left the door open for a while, apparently not yet indoctrinated to the parent-unfriendly ways of this school. (Julian's odd posture and face in this photo is because of an itchy bug bite on his back.)

Sit down and start coloring!

Kindergarten's a big deal, but so is 2nd grade.

Gabriel has the honor of getting the teacher's first admonition of the year ("quiet now!") -- and before even entering the classroom!

Team teachers. One class, two part-time teachers. Very progressive.

Julian had some of his characteristic apprehension before class, but he was overall pretty relaxed. He's not an anxious kid anyway, but I try to be sensitive to him since his tough-cookie older brother has pre-calibrated us. Kids do get anxious about the first day of school, after all. It was a little hectic picking up Julian after class, as the poor teacher had to contend with keeping the PMers in the classroom, releasing the AMers one at a time to the anxious parents, and meantime another class was parading through her classroom to get to the lunch area.

I had to laugh when another mom, who I already know because her older son was in Gabriel's 1st grade class, referred to all the parents gathered outside the classroom as the "paparazzi." So true -- we ALL had cameras!

Yay kindergarten!


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