Sunday, August 23, 2009


Last Friday, the second day of school, didn't start well at all. I'll spare you the details, but I left the boys at the CDC looking very grim, and me feeling horrible after a huge fight.

It only got worse for me when I got to TLC with Katrina and discovered I'd forgotten Dress-Up Day. And though I'd missed a week of work already, and though today was supposed to be my big push 8-hour day, I dropped her off and quickly drove home to rummage through old Halloween costumes, hoping I'd come up with something fast and easy. And I did, two in fact: the shiny cape she had used last year, and the traffic light costume for Gabriel when he was 4 (I think). I zoomed back to preschool, where I surprised Katrina with costumes -- a choice of two, in fact. I thought she'd go for the shiny cape, but it was a no-brainer: the traffic light.

So, on with the traffic light, a quick-and-easy slip-on vest, and back to play. I'd even put fresh batteries in it to make the red, yellow and green lights work.

I was floored to discover that she can indeed pedal a tricycle! She's been holding out on us! At home, she's refused to actually pedal, instead insisting on Fred-Flintstoning her way around, but these tricycles must be too tall or something. She loves this.

Then all the kids lined up to get ready to go inside. And who, of course, has to be different, sitting way on the end all by herself, just to make a statement?

I think I'm set for Halloween for one of them!

(still catching up....weekend "news" will have to come later, not that there's much to say.)

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