Friday, August 28, 2009

8/28/09 Sharing

Katrina didn't "earn" herself dessert tonight, but she did score some jelly beans (for going stinkie in the potty, something she's done every time for a week now!). So that solved the dessert dilemma.

Gabriel wanted a jelly bean too, but they're for potty rewards. I told him to negotiate with Katrina, and he did. She gave him a jelly bean.... exchange for a bite of chocolate ice cream.

Meantime, Julian waited for our neighbor to emerge, to give her some cookies. I guess she gave him some candy, and he wanted to reciprocate. He waited patiently outside, and I suspect he ran out of cookies while our kind neighbor was busy inside.

Today was the first set of "Friday Folders" from school. I'm highly amused...or is it bemused? Julian's teacher's comment: "Julian takes a long time to finish his work. He needs to be reminded to stay on task." You have no idea, lady. Just wait.

I was floored to see a worksheet that shows a blank face, and the pupil is supposed to draw an expression on it, then fill in the word, "I feel _____." Julian drew a face that's crying, and wrote "tirt" (tired). But the really surprising thing was a Challenge section that said, "Can you write another sentence?" Sentence-writing, already? This is the first week of kindergarten!

Well, whatever, there's no penalty for not being able to write sentences in kindergarten. I guess this is better than being in an inner-city school district where teachers are dealing with unfortunate under-prepared kids with social issues and home troubles. But once again, I find myself yearning for balance.


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