Thursday, August 27, 2009

8/27/09 The drop-off

I'd like to get to the point at which I can drop the boys off near school and simply say, "hop to! go to your class!" Gabriel's reliable that way, but Julian? And if I ask Gabriel to take Julian to his class and wait there until the first warning bell? Sounds OK in theory.....

I took the day off today for more appointments, then remembered that now I don't have CDC care Tuesdays and Thursdays, according to my new schedule. So, I figured this would be a good dress rehearsal for the boys getting to their classrooms themselves. I told Gabriel to take Julian to his class, and followed behind them.

It became immediately apparent that this won't work for a while yet. They putzed around, got distracted, and couldn't even walk a few yards without pushing each other and messing around. They're also very poor at negotiating crowds. Then in front of the classroom, they started running around in circles, dropping their knapsacks and kicking them across the playground. I sent Gabriel to his classroom, disgusted, and then enjoyed the relative peace while Julian played calmly. Meantime, Katrina joyfully pointed out every shape and number when she wasn't running laps around a circle. I regretted not having my camera.

I liked waiting in front of Julian's classroom. I was intrigued by the moms obviously dressed up for CDC care? No zooming to get to work by 8am to cram in enough working hours? How does that work? Maybe this is what it's like to have a "real" job. It all looked so there balance after all? I know, things are not what they seem, but the appearance was encouraging. And I liked being there, being in touch with the classroom, seeing the other moms, and a dad or two, and the other siblings. Seems a lot of them know Julian already!

When the bell rang, the other moms shoo'd their kids into the classroom and put their knapsacks in their cubbies. I decided to hang back and watch, using Katrina as my excuse not to intervene. Julian went right from the top of the play structure inside to his classroom, leaving his backpack outside. I waited, then saw him retrieve it, then negotiate the contents of his cubby.

OK, they're not ready to be dropped off, but it's very early yet, and they're well on their way. And I'm going to like being there twice a week.


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MommaWriter said...

It's way more fun to be there at dropoff, especially in kindergarten where so many of the parents hang out until the bell rings. Smunch has stopped hanging out with me before the bell rings, but I still find myself standing near his line, just to see what other moms show up. I'm sure I'll stop doing that. Right now, it's just habit...