Monday, August 24, 2009


Katrina sure had fun with slides this weekend!

First, this tiny little one at a Round Table Pizza at a birthday party. She and Dylan played together for at last half an hour on this. Hard to get good photos, but it was very cute.

Next day, a park playdate. Katrina insisted on playing at the bottom of this bigger-kids' slide, where bigger kids come flying down and could obliterate her. She was adament on this slide (out of at least 6 at this park), and another mom made me feel better when she said, "You know, there's just so much you can do." Katrina's just going to have to get clocked a few times. Mostly she screamed at other kids, especially her brothers.

Finally she followed Dylan to a different slide, where she played for a long, long time. At one point, two other boys, about 4 I guess, tried to play on it too, but she scolded them and demanded, "Me go up! Me go up!" I wish I'd gotten a picture, it was pretty funny. The boys took it in stride, smiling to me as I shrugged. I know playground politics say I'm supposed to admonish her to "share," but it's futile.

Julian and Andrew had fun too, though it quickly gets physical and there's always lots of shoving.

I love shots of kids in a grassy field, with that as the only background. Katrina was in the mood to run across the grass, providing me with a perfect photo-op, I thought. But all I got were the goofiest photos and faces -- which I guess was a good photo-op!

(Note to self: green dress against green grass, NG. Next time, get the blue.)

I spent a lot of time with Katrina this weekend, it was nice. I wonder if I'll miss her toddlerhood someday, and regret my impatient attitude toward it. While I'm better-suited to older kids, this is the last year I'll ever experience this magical age first-hand, one in which it's pure delight to go down slides for half an hour.

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