Saturday, August 29, 2009

Swim class progress

This morning at swim lessons, I watched Julian's class with increasing irritation. Since Julian's "promotion," he's supposed to be in a more advanced class. But for him today, his lesson entailed his going out with the instructor a total of 4 times, and really not doing much each time. His classmates included a new girl who cried through the whole lesson, and another girl who needed a lot of help, and they were both much younger. The teacher knew Julian was more advanced, but the class was still structured for little kids who are just getting started. This was ridiculous.

So I did what I should have done months ago: complain. OK, ask, but the supervisor recognized it as a complaint. She looked through the list, and indeed, the other kids in Julian's class are "rainbow" level -- well below his "blue" level, and much younger. So, she rearranged things to put Julian into a different class altogether, of kids above his level, and in the deeper pool. FINALLY. OK, I'll give it a little longer.

"By the way," she added, "your other son earned his Purple today."

In contrast to Julian's class, Gabriel has been making noticeable progress every week. And sure enough, Gabriel's gone up a level in a very short time. He said later that the swim test was much easier than the lessons.

Gabriel's Purple level lets him try out for pre-competitive classes, which are completely different: coached, drills, full-length pool (well, 25 yards). I think this would be great, but we won't go there yet; first we'll see how both boys do in their new classes. I'm looking forward to a real class for Julian.

And, when Katrina turns 3 in a few weeks, maybe I'll look into "novice" classes for her, if they have any at my new favorite time: 8am Saturday morning. I don't love this swim school, but the convenience is unbeatable. And who knows, it's possible they'll even pick up some swimming along the way.

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