Wednesday, November 18, 2009

11/18/09 Brace yourself

Feh, too much work in my day today to make for interesting blog posts.

But, I do have something to say about last week. Those cute photos of Katrina laughing on the porch made me think something...then Gabriel said it too: "I love how her front teeth stick out!" The dentist last week confirmed it: start saving, 'cause that mouth isn't looking good! She has an obvious overbite. Gabriel's a shoe-in for braces too, though not for a while since he's still only lost two (bottom) teeth.

Julian, on the other hand, totally different. Aside from having a lot more room in his mouth, his X-rays don't show anything ugly coming up -- could still happen but looks OK now -- and his mouth chemistry is different than Gabriel's. Gabriel's teeth start looking really dingy and awful after about 5 months. I've never seen tartar build up on the front of front teeth before, but they do on his. The hygienists always remind us to floss him and help him brush, which I do often enough to help if it did, which it doesn't. Julian's teeth, on the other hand, are shiny white and never build up tartar. But he also gets canker sores.

Hmm, I wonder if knowing that two of our kids will need braces will affect my attitude about working?


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