Monday, December 21, 2009

12/20/09 The Glamour Don't

Today was definitely a down day. Though I managed to get up in time to catch a spinning class this morning (these are getting addicting), tummy troubles that started yesterday continued and benched me for the rest of the day. But that was OK, I could still revel in the glow from yesterday, having had such a fun party and knowing that I didn't fail Julian for his birthday.

Still, by the afternoon, I thought my GI tract had stabilized, and I needed to get out, somewhere. It was a beautiful day, but I wasn't up for hiking or anything. I decided to take Katrina for a quick trip to a furniture store. Gabriel needed to get out so much that he asked where we were going, then ruled it out as soon as I told him it was a store. He asked if we could go to the Baylands park again, to my surprise, where I'd much rather go than a furniture store too. I had to sadly turn him down, but we will go there again -- maybe running together.

I was a complete slob myself today, so it's just as well that Katrina and I matched. She picked all her clothes today. Every stitch of it, except her cupcake underpants and birdie socks, are boy clothes, mostly hand-me-downs from her brothers. The boy sneakers are my fault (hey they were on sale!).

Practicing to be a model for the "Fashion Don't" pages of style magazines.

In the end, both boys joined us for the furniture-store trip, making me feel a little guilty. They're this anxious for a change of scene today?! (Dave was working again.)

Five minutes into the store, I could tell an intestinal emergency was threatening, but it wasn't a big store anyway. We did a quick sweep, I made some notes, and went straight home, where I went to bed for the rest of the afternoon.

The short trip was enough for them though, the kids got the change of scene they needed. When I got up, they were playing some very noisy games together, and I tried to catch some video of just basic interaction between them. By then, the game with all 3 of them chasing each other had changed, but I still caught a glimpse of typical life around here: the boys making a ton of noise while Katrina tries to play with their toys. Gabriel's been following everyone around with his video camera that Uncle Ronan gave him for his birthday last year; they're have a GREAT time with that.

(No, I don't have a no-running-in-the-house rule...I can't begin to imagine how to enforce one even if I thought I should!)

She likes this new building toy that Julian got, though I could think of better uses for it than building a cage for this poor little teddy-bear.

I wrapped up my final work tonight, deleted anything personal from my work laptop, and sent in my final bill. My contract is DONE!

Now, two weeks with the kids at home....I think I'm looking forward to it...?!


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