Wednesday, December 30, 2009

12/30/09 Sleepover

Kids on sleepover, yayy!

Actually, we were late to sleepover because Gabriel came upstairs to ask me something, while I was lying down resting. (On days I work out, I try to lie down for a bit, though lately my back has been great.) He ended up snuggling up with me in bed, and we chatted and laughed together for about half an hour. He is such an awesome kid -- awesome person -- I just love these moments alone with him. He's so sweet, bright, cheerful, eager to explore verbally and talk and laugh about things. I'm very aware that it won't be long before he won't be snuggling in bed with his mother anymore, so I really treasure those moments.

Thankfully, Julian and Katrina were completely absorbed in a huge box of Mr. PotatoHead things that we just got handed down (thanks!). If her brothers aren't bugging her, Katrina let me take naps, though I generally try to set her up with something interesting to do in her room so I can hear her. The trouble comes when the brothers are looking for someone to bug.

The kids were all excited for sleepover and for once clamored right into the car. On the way over, Gabriel gently expressed his disappointment at not getting a Nintendo DS for Christmas (UNCLE RONAN DON'T YOU DARE!!). I'm just not ready to monitor a highly desirable item that will completely absorb him for hours a day. I can only see it causing trouble.

I know where he's getting the idea though. At least 3 other boys brought their own Nintendo DSs to sleepover, captivating most of the group. (Katrina couldn't see, but found other toys to play with.)

I don't know, I don't dare go there yet. They have plenty of other electronic devices in their lives, they're not deprived.

They're all going to be exhausted and grumpy tomorrow...I'd better brace myself.


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