Sunday, January 03, 2010

1/3/10 Hand-me-down dress

I'm really not into dressing up my little girl, and I dread the idea of having to shop with her someday.

We got this denim dress as a hand-me-down, and a necessary change of clothes today (don't ask) made me suggest to Katrina that she try it on. I had to help her with it though, as it has snaps, so it won't be daily wear -- she usually gets dressed completely by herself, picking her own clothes and everything. The "stripe wars" outfits she picks are very amusing.

So I did dress up my little girl in a dress today, and whaddya know -- it was fun! She squealed with delight seeing herself in it: "Mommy, I'm a princess!" Princess?? Ugh, but, OK, whatever.

She wasted no time in pairing her frog boots to complete the outfit, and ran outside to show Dad.

It really was pretty cute to see her running around in it, though how can a happy 3-year-old girl with long blond hair in a new dress not be cute -- especially to Mom? (Even this hard-core boy-Mom.)

Later Katrina made up a game she called "the hug game." I kneel and hold my arms outstretched, then she backs up and runs at me full-tilt with her arms out. I grab her as she barrels into me, pick her up, swing her around and say, "GOTCHA!!!" She laughs uncontrollably and beams her big beautiful overbite smile. A little tough on the knees, but who am I to argue with my hug-resistant toddler making up a game that involves full-body contact? It's so sweet to see her so happy.

She's actually been pretty delightful lately, and I think we've even had some tantrum-free days. In fact, yes, today was a tantrum-free day! Those are great, and very very welcome.

Getting older... it's no good for me, but it sure works well on my girl.


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MommaWriter said...

I wouldn't bank on that not becoming everyday wear. A little motivation to figure out snaps can go a loooong way!