Monday, January 04, 2010

1/4/10 Respectable boys

School's back in!! Morning mayhem, once again.

I'd promised the boys to get haircuts last weekend, but somehow it didn't happen. Today, I fulfilled that promise -- picked them up from the CDC and took them straight to Supercuts before getting Katrina. No line at 5pm! They were both done in less than 20 minutes.

Delinquent --

-- to dapper!

(actually I kinda prefer the shaggy look, but they both really wanted haircuts.)

An exciting new trend is taking hold in this household: the boys want to take their own baths. Gabriel's done it a few times, and is plenty old enough to -- he just needs prompting to keep going.

But now Julian has joined in, and keeps asking to do his own bath. So tonight I tested him. I said he could take a bath downstairs if he did it ALL himself, and added that I'd be very proud of him if he did (this sort of talk often motivates him, but no effect on Gabriel). Other than needing reminding to get out of the tub, he really did handle the entire process himself, and was very proud of that. Not that any of these tasks are out of reach of a 6-year-old, but I guess we're so in the habit of doing it ourselves, we hadn't noticed that both boys are ready for this independence. The planning is still beyond them though: if you want to putz around in the bath, then you'd better get it started earlier.

Hmmm...good advice. Bathtime!


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