Friday, March 12, 2010

3/12/2010 Winter Wonderland

Typing from Truckee....we're up here getting ready for our first big ski day tomorrow!

Somehow today the boys and I did a little "calibration" ski, with them doing a regular 2-hour lesson that comes with a rental/ski-lift package. I'm glad we did, it helped us sort out problems with gear and know how to be prepared for a whole day tomorrow. I also did a lesson, same lift/hill as the boys, and got to ski with them a little afterward. They're both doing great, though Julian needs a lot more supervision. I'd wait for him and help him down, with Gabriel long since having made his way down, then look up and discover Gabriel on the chair lift on his way back up again!

Katrina couldn't ski today (the lessons we did start at age 4), and she was SERIOUSLY P.O'd about having to leave the ski area after the boys and I were settled. Dave dealt with a massive tantrum until she fell asleep, and then lots of fussing and complaining the rest of the afternoon. She saw her first snow today though, and there's no going back. She is extremely adament about skating and skiing and all sports cold. We may turn into a winter-sport family yet, though in my heart I'll always be a water-sport person. Still, despite the incredible hassle and logistics of rentals and lessons today (the boys can't quite handle their skis), the actual skiing part was fun for me too. I'm glad I got re-acquainted with the basic Level 1 lesson I did today, I'll be ready for more tomorrow.

I'm told conditions don't get better than this for skiing itself -- it snowed on us all afternoon, making visibility very very poor and the drive back to our cabin harrowing. Fortunately, having ridden motorcycles with Dave and knowing how he is about driving and safety, I had complete confidence that we wouldn't go careening off our steep windy snowy road down a cliff or into a lake, and, we didn't.

Tomorrow is what they're calling a "powder day" -- we're going to get spoiled!


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