Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3/16/2010 Pony pictures

Urgh...back to it today.

Fortunately for me, Dave took a day off work and took care of Gabriel's hockey lesson, allowing me to work later -- wee haw.

Unfortunately, Dave observed that the hockey lesson is really out of control: 29 kids today to one coach today, and of a huge range of age and skill -- that's bad. I think it's worth a complaint. Gabriel had a good time today anyway, and finally got to hit a puck. I asked him if he likes skating or skiing better, and he said excitedly and with no hesitation, "Skiing!" Skiing requires a lot less practice to go fast, though that stopping thing is a bigger problem.

I had to go to work today, even though I could have made a case to stay home. I saw a doctor this morning, who gave me drops for the eye infections, and said as long as my eyes are not actively discharging, I'm OK to go to work.

I notice how having to jump-start my voice creates odd social interactions though. I can't really say "hi," when I pass someone in the hall, I have to be physical to catch someone's attention, and I can't make the subtle little noises one makes in normal conversation. For the most part I can talk OK if I'm already gotten going, but I often found myself explaining an apparent slight when my attempt at a simple "mm-hmm" yielded silence. It's funny that people whisper back to me, even though I'm not whispering, and then they stop whispering when I explain I have no throat pain. There's a psychology master's thesis in there.

Right before we left for Truckee, I was able to pick up Katrina's "pony pictures." They were so funny I couldn't resist. Julian's were funny because of the costumes and poses. Katrina's are hilarious to me because of her reticent expression, except for the one actually on the pony. She clearly was not into the photos!

But how CUTE is that. Irresistable.

This is bad...during my few breaks at work today, you know what I was doing? Looking around at other ski resorts to see what kind of ski schools they have, and if there are more beginner slopes than Sugarbowl had. I'm not ready to say I'm hooked exactly, and I never like anything involving crowds and lines, but...I keep thinking about it. (A real post with photos will happen!)


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