Thursday, March 18, 2010

3/18/2010 Landscaping progress

Landscaping started on the front yard at the end of February. Perfect timing for an unusual 3 weeks of rain. Still, we see workers here every day, and things are moving along.



I'm REALLY looking forward not to having to warn the kids to stay off the dirt every time we get out of the car!

Some more tangible progress in the West yard: a patio and the beginnings of an arbor. For once, I'm really letting things go -- just do what the design says and don't care. Landscaping is so much easier than interior remodeling. So far.

I was thrilled when Dave said he notices the front yard looks much bigger and more attractive even with the layout in its infancy. He also commented that we will get far more back in home value -- the all-essential curb appeal -- than we're putting into it (which is a lot, but a small percentage of the overall remodel). Wait until the hardscaping and plants are in!

It was like spring here today...I can't wait for our own little park to be in place.


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