Tuesday, April 13, 2010

4/13/2010 Hockey Boy

Last hockey class tonight. They played a "game," if you can call semi-controlled mayhem a game. No obvious team designations, no one really knew where or who to shoot to -- but at least there was an even number of kids on each "side," two goals, and one puck.

Right before the game, I splurged on some kneepads and gloves for Gabriel, later realizing the gloves are much too small. Hockey gloves on other kids look like mitts. These look like...well, gloves. But he loved them.

My tough cookie....he's so tiny out there, but so competitive and tough. Trouble is, he can't skate. The kid with the white jersey #20 skated circles around him again and again. Gabriel at least finally admitted he can't skate "fast" -- a start, but there's a lot more to hockey skating than just speed.

I had what I thought was an inspired idea when Dave offered to pick up Katrina. How about we all meet at the ice rink and go to Benihana for dinner afterward? Fun, but, it takes a long time. The boys didn't even have all their food until 7:30, by which time Katrina was really winding down. Still, they all loved the chef -- an actual Japanese one, incredibly -- and the food.

First a little running around out front.

They cleverly design the kids menus so they can be rolled into a hat.

Since we didn't plan this outing, we had two cars, and I took Katrina home early and averted any disasters. Gabriel suggested we do this every Tuesday -- with kids' meals alone at $13 a pop, and the great deal of extra time it takes at Benihana, I don't think so! But it was fun as a special treat.

Even though we're both working and not going anywhere interesting or fun, I'm completely enjoying "spring break" !


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