Sunday, April 25, 2010

4/25/2010 Pacific Coast Dream Machines

Today was the annual Pacific Coast Dream Machines vehicle show -- cars, motorcycles, aircraft, many vintage, and this year, a tank. Right up our alley!

Unfortunately, once again, I didn't go. Fortunately, this year, I had a great reason: a good friend's baby shower. She's expecting twins -- I couldn't miss that! It was really nice and fun and relaxing (the fruit and wine spritzers might have had something to do with that), I really enjoyed it.

Meanwhile, Dave braved the traffic to the Half Moon Bay Airport with all 3 kids in tow. Not easy! The boys are no trouble really, but Katrina....well, being past diapers and naps improves things, but she's still very tantrumy and unpredictable, and has a strong capacity to ruin an outing for everyone. And being stuck with a stroller is no fun either. Still, Dave managed fine with the kids, though decided against going to the section with the aircraft, as it was the furthest away.

If I'd been there, we'd have made a beeline for the B-25 Mitchell bomber, the plane instrumental in the morale-boosting Doolittle Raid on Tokyo during WWII -- heavy bombers actually flown off an aircraft carrier. This incident was featured in the movie Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, which includes a few seconds of actual footage of the B-25s flying off the aircraft carrier Hornet. I've seen the movie and it was so-so, but the footage was not to be missed.

Anyway. WWII bombers will be around for a little while longer, but welcoming a friend into the world of 3 kids -- that's really un-missable. The baby shower was hosted at the home of another friend who also has 3 kids, also via twins, so she's especially well-suited to the event. 3 kids definitely puts you in a different category of parents, if nothing else because your car choices suddenly change, and your plan of having them all in their own rooms either means no office, or having at least a 5BR house. Even in our 5-6 bedroom house (depending on how you count), the boys will likely always share a room.

The morning for me started off with another first: I went swimming and running. Neither the swim nor the run were anywhere close to my usual standards; the swim hampered by lane closures and leaky goggles; the run curtailed by having persuaded a non-running friend to join me and discovering he really meant it when he said he's not a runner. Still, an interesting experience that gives me new respect for triathletes. Especially those who have 3 kids.

No photos did that happen??


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