Thursday, April 29, 2010

4/29/2010 T-ball game

T-ball after school/work today!

Somehow, we got there early, and had time to watch some older boys practicing. Gabriel and Julian were very impressed at how hard the boys swung the bat, and that the coach gave them real overhand pitches. It was pretty impressive.

I still amaze myself at how much I enjoy these T-ball games. Everyone's having fun, but it's not just fun. I mean, it IS all fun, but there's learning and structure and teamwork going on too. Julian's team had a new boy today, who didn't know where first base was and didn't know to turn when he reached a base. A few weeks ago, no one on our team knew that either, and now they're all experts.

The coaches have also figured out how to keep the kids from hanging on the backstop while they're waiting to bat: give them a "dugout." Our team's dugout was a blue blanket; the other teams' dugout was a bunch of 5-gallon plastic paint cans turned upside-down to sit on.

Katrina and Gabriel played together happily during Julian's game, thank heavens.

Meantime, I watched a kid on the opposing team catch two fly balls. This doesn't happen in T-ball! He could also bat really really well, run really really fast, and throw really, really far and accurately. His coach told me he's also very encouraging to his teammates, and always pays attention and is completely alert during the games. Somebody call the scouts!

I love rooting for both teams, or rather, for kids on both teams. When the play starts getting more competitive, will it take some of the fun out? I don't know; it was really interesting to see some actual skill, while at the same time, it was also really cute to see the new boy trotting out to left field in his quest for first base.

On weekday game nights, Dave meets us at the park and stays with the kids to the end of the game, while I zip home to get dinner started. I think I have the losing end of the deal; I'd much rather stay and watch. Fewer things about motherhood have surprised me more than how much I like watching T-ball. I'm sure my experienced baseball-mom friends can tell me down to the minute when that wears off...but until then, I'll just enjoy it.


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MommaWriter said...

I'll let you know if/when that wears off. I may be frustrated with the lack of attention, enthusiasm and skill on our team, but I still love watching!