Wednesday, April 07, 2010

4/6/2010 T-ball clinic

Another mad scramble in the evening. Get Julian to T-ball practice (a clinic instead of a game tonight) by 5pm, drop Gabriel off at home so he can work on homework and book report. Then pick up Katrina and hope she doesn't freak at the dogs at the park. It's really becoming an annoying problem; if a dog is within 200 meters she screams and throws a tantrum. Then she talks about the dog constantly and asks about how dogs kiss people -- but she flips out near an actual dog.

Fortunately tonight she was more interested in the actual T-ball playing.

A friend says her daughter often and easily made friends with other waiting little sisters at baseball games, and that made it fun for her. Katrina -- not so much. Another little girl her age did try to engage her, but she's a hard sell. She's not shy, but she holds back and doesn't join into things quickly.

Perhaps moreso than Julian, who was having a great time.

Gabriel was supposed to be working on his book report while we were at the T-ball clinic, but maybe he was playing on the piano instead. He must have been; he hasn't been playing much lately, but somehow has squeaked in some time to practice this composition.

This is based on some pre-programmed blues tune in the piano, but Gabriel says this is of his own making.

Dave's still in L.A; Aunt Laura is having surgery tomorrow morning. I'm not usually a praying person, but this is by far the best time to make the exception.



DaVE said...

A mad scramble dealing with all three by myself sounds pretty good right now. At the moment I'm dealing with an old cat who is loudly expressing her disappointment that this dog-person is the only one that came home tonight. I'm hoping that both of her owners will be coming home soon.

Louise said...

Very nice piano piece! I think its great that he's motivated to compose and practice.

We're both holding Laura in our thoughts for a speedy and complete recovery. I'm glad DaVE can be there to help; I'm sure that's a big comfort to his family.