Saturday, May 15, 2010

5/15/2010 For Remi

Cousin Remi is famous for her body art and love of drawing all over herself. I don't know if she still does this, but today, Katrina took a chapter from her cousin's book.

The difference is, Remi probably didn't throw a big tantrum after a scrubby soapy bath and cry that she was clean! (But then, Remi's never been a tantrumer; she expresses herself in far more subtle and clever ways.)

Not that Katrina really cared about being clean, she was just looking for a reason to tantrum. Not that she needed one -- all 3 kids were on sleepover last night, and while the boys have mostly outgrown the grumpiness that follows sleepover nights, Katrina hasn't. By 6pm tonight, she was a time bomb and looking for trouble.

She had a good day overall, as did we, staying home after a T-ball game and mostly doing necessary stuff in the yard. There's only so much of that I can take, but I sure am glad our storage shed is cleaned out, and I finally got some extra kitchen drawers installed. Though our landscaping is still weeks from being done, it's positively heavenly working out there now when we know we're not fighting futility, and soon the biggest project will be "hmm, where should I plant my lemon tree?"

By the way, that shirt Katrina is wearing is one of my favorites, and we've had it for years. I got it and another tie-dye kids' shirt at an Art & Wine Festival one summer, and their color hasn't faded in the slightest. I'm not big on the hippie look -- I had enough of that in high school -- but, I love this bright shirt.

Gabriel in September 2005 (age 3-1/2):

Julian in October 2008 (age 4-1/2):

Now that's a hand-me-down!



Charles said...

wow, uhhh, how do you get the ink off?

DaVE said...

They were some sort of kids' markers, so it washed off easily with just a little soap and water.