Sunday, May 16, 2010

5/16/2010 A lemon of a day

Today Julian and I went to a nearby nursery so I could find me a lemon tree! And a rosemary plant. There are some advantages of living in CA, and being able to grow lemons and rosemary in your yard are high up there.

It was also a lot of fun walking around looking at other plants too. I showed Julian how plants have botanical names and "English" names, and to look at the labels to see how much sun and water they need. There were so many lovely and fascinating plants there. I can't wait until the landscaping is done so that if I get a hankering for some sort of plant, I can just DO it!

He had been in a horrible mood before going, but this snapped him out of it and we had a great time together. I let him pick my dwarf Meyer lemon tree. He's holding the rosemary plant I chose, which is a different variety with wider leaves, that should be interesting.

Katrina...good grief. Massive tantrums this afternoon, resulting in - of all things -- a nap?! She hasn't done that in ages. We finally woke her up around 7pm. Incredibly, she still went to bed pretty much on time.

Ironically, our very very nice next-door neighbor stopped by this evening and gave us a bag of lemons from his own backyard tree! And these are good lemons.

I'm in lemon heaven toda!


p.s. for those of you not on Facebook, a classic comment from Gabriel yesterday, when somehow my age came up in discussion. Here's the text from my FB post:
Noemi Berry Doudna breaks it to my 8yo son: "I'm probably older than most of your friends' moms, you know. You have an old Mom." "Yeah..." he ponders, "thing is, you're so SHORT!"

That is a direct quote! As they say in the FB world, I was LMAO for about 10 minutes after that!

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