Thursday, May 20, 2010

5/20/2010 Homework night

What an intensely frustrating night. Julian has his last homework packet, but it's not something he can do easily himself: writing a paragraph on what he learned in kindergarten, then writing and drawing the favorite part of a story. He needs guidance with writing and spelling, though usually he has no trouble with the ideas. Tonight we couldn't get him to get any of it together, and the homework became a huge ordeal.

Meantime, Gabriel had to redo homework from yesterday he hadn't finished: writing 3 milestones for 8 phases of his life each. That's completely impossible for a kid to do alone, and pretty hard for parents too! Does every parent remember milestones as I do? Not to mention the research report and daily math too.

So incredibly overwhelming and frustrating, all this busywork. I'm fine with schoolwork, really, but too much difficult schoolwork that assumes we're all sitting peacefully at home at 3:00 and enjoying a popsicle over our gingham tablecloth and can then easily slide into chatting about kid milestones. It's too much! I was at a snapping point tonight, so resentful that I couldn't enjoy my now-healthy toddler's sweet bopping around and playing, instead having to verbally whip the boys into concentrating on stupid boring schoolwork.

And not just for us; I'm sure Gabriel's teachers have really had it with him. Twice this week, notes about his disruptive behavior in social studies and in music. We're really really tired of the constant trouble he's in -- mostly minor stuff, mostly "boys will be boys" stuff, but disruptive and rude and unacceptable nonetheless.

3-1/2 more weeks of school. Never in my life have I been so anxious for summer!


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