Monday, May 17, 2010

5/17/2010 Moving trees

Remember this beautiful, but misplaced, coral bark Japanese Maple tree, with the lovely red bark?

Well now, it's a beautiful and perfectly placed lace Japanese Maple tree, with lovely red leaves.

It can be trained to grow out and down, and not so much high. It's perfect there.

There's also a new lattice on the right side of the window. I had a lighter lattice in mind for there, but, no matter -- a vine will grow and block that whole expanse of siding anyway. Yay.

So where did the lovely coral bark tree go? Right in our backyard, where we'll see and enjoy it every day, along with some other plants.

Plants! Flowers! Greenery! Colors! This is stunning!

(So will our gardening bills...just like our house is too big for me to clean myself, now our yard is too diverse to take care of ourselves. I'm a little ashamed of that, but at least we're creating a job? Not that we'll be checking immigration status....)

Now it's starting to feel like this might actually get done someday. The only thing I'll miss is when we first arrive home, the kids are all excited to see what the landscapers did today. It was a truly magical moment the day we came home and found all the plants in the backyard, waiting to be planted. Now, every day the magic spreads out a little more as those plants find their way into the ground.

Other than that, today was absolutely exhaustingly draining. Boy I sure wish I could just walk in the door some days and just collapse, but kids need to be fed and do homework and cricket dioramas and have lunches made and tantrums thrown and be asked, told, ordered and then threatened to put lunches away....ok that's IT, this day must come to an end!


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