Thursday, June 10, 2010

6/10/2010 Last Day of School!!

It's hard to call the last day of school "school" when all the 2nd grade does is have a big water-balloon fight. Kindergarten had a "poetry reading" though, which I just couldn't miss. I still haven't gotten over the guilt of being late to Gabriel's last-day-of-kindergarten open house, so I sure as heck wasn't going to miss Julian's poetry reading.

And the cuteness was all you'd expect from 5- and 6-year olds reciting nursery rhymes, though of course this is strictly parent and grandparent grade video.

Then kindergarten "graduation" certificates were handed out.

As of today, my first-grader!!

There was no pomp and circumstance at all for 2nd grade ending. Parents huddled behind the famous "blue line" waiting for class dismissal as usual, but I did stop by Gabriel's classroom to apologetically thank Gabriel's teachers again. We've had an ongoing and intensifying dialogue with them about Gabriel's behavior, concluding with a conference just a few weeks ago asking if we really were looking at a problem for 3rd grade. The teacher felt long-term he'll be fine, but he needs a very very structured teacher to deal with his famously discipline-resistant personality.

The teacher we've not dealt with as much, who's had the most trouble, seemed relieved it was over and thanked us again for our support. No gushing about what a delight he was to have in class, like from Julian's teacher!

Later I took the boys to get some new playground balls. They're so into "2-square" that the one ball they've had has become a major point of contention, and the outside soccer part completely disintegrated and fell off. Gabriel's hands and wrists are constantly black with dirt, and bloody and scraped up from knocking the rapidly deteriorating ball. These will be much kinder to his skin.

We have a longstanding theme around here of Gabriel green, Julian blue.

Katrina got a red one too.

I feel like a major page has turned in my life, even though really, it hasn't. They're the ones who finished school after all. Still, summer can truly begin for us all now, yay!


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